ALS Research

Many organizations worldwide in the ALS community are conducting research on multiple fronts.  Organizations such as the Cenoxsys Corporation, ALS Therapy Development Institute (TDI), Neurocollaborative, New York Genome Center, Barrow Neurological Institute and others are working tirelessly to advance new discoveries and treatments.

Much of this effort is being made possible from the generous outpouring of donations from the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC).  The IBC funds went to the ALS National Foundation and they spread the money to organizations such as those mentioned above in the form of grants.   In the United States alone the Ice Bucket Challenge generated $115 million dollars in donations.  According to “Impact Your World”, of that 67% or $77 million dollars have been marked for “research” to find a treatment – or even a cure for ALS. 

According to the National ALS Foundation, advances have been made in the following: